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  • Love this little shop! A great atmosphere, friendly family staff, love the whole experience! It is one of my favorite places for a girls get-a-way!

~Brenda Wofford

  • Simply the most quaint and treasured find of the Ozarks! The family owned friendliness and delicious chocolates, creative jewelry, clothing, and home decor items make this a must stop. A destination in itself! Definitely worth the drive. We made a daytrip out of it and will make it a must for our future trips!!!

​Denise Lampen

  • ​You simply cannot find better chocolate than Grandpa Joe's! Not only is it so delicious, but I find great comfort knowing that all of their chocolates are hand made with fresh ingredients. I know I can trust Grandpa Joes to get me the best chocolate, and fast! Their website is so easy to use and they ship the orders very quickly. It is honestly the best chocolate I have ever tasted! Thanks Grandpa Joe's!


  • For years I have been ordering Grandpa Joe's chocolates. They are oh so yummy and their prices are unbeatable! Anytime I have called or gone into the store, I have been greeted with a warm smile and kindness from their staff. Grandpa Joe's is by far the best place to buy your chocolates!

-Allison C.

  • This is exactly why I enjoy your chocolates...not only do you have a great product to sell but you are willing to go the extra mile and respond to my email!-Andrea

  • We became familiar with your candy because a friend of mine has a sister that lives in Missouri and brought me candy from Grandpa Joe's. Though I enjoy chocolate, I'm not a big candy eater. But I couldn't stop eating the chocolate she brought me. I especially enjoy the caramel and nut mixture (as you can probably tell). We have Fannie Mae candy in our area, but I truly like your candy better.


  • This quaint store is #1 in my book. You talk about having everything from A to Z, and then some. On top of all the adorable merchandise, they have a coffee bar. We just love this place. Any one who has never been here, this is a must!


  • Rosewood Farms is my favorite store in all of MO! You walk in, and immediately you notice how awesome it smells! Music is playing, it's calming and relaxing...the atmosphere is amazing!! The prices are so reasonable! The candles make my house smell wonderful!! And the chocolates....!!!! The people there are so kind & helpful!! Every year they have a Holiday Open's now a family tradition for us all (8-10 of us) to take off work and go!! Words cannot describe Rosewood Farms at Christmas!! I look forward to it all year long!! You can decorate your entire house, buy Christmas presents ..birthday gifts...everything imaginable!! All I have left to say is..I LOVE THIS STORE!! and if you


  • Heavenly: I didn't want to leave--the atmosphere smells and sounds heavenly, and if you aren't into country motif before you go in, you will be before you leave.


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Address: 7345 highway 5 Hartville,MO 65667

Phone- (417) 741-6915

Hours: Monday thru Friday- 9 am to 6pm

Saturday- 9am to 4 pm

Open Year Round

Closed on:

Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day,

Closed October 29,2024 - November 6,2024

Closed November 27,2024 and Thanksgiving

Closed Christmas Eve and Christmas

Closed December 25th thru February 4th